I Can't Explain

I Can’t Explain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr T will be away probably the next two classes – due to the arrival of a wee daughter. And so you have three things to be getting on with :-

1) Continue on with four Photoshop tasks as set – for finish on Thursday. Please when you have finished the four examples – please – place email as attachments. Please name the photo according to the task.

2) Notes from Multimedia Chapter need to be finished by Thursday and shared with me in whichever format you have used.

3) One new thing if you have finished both tasks – see smaller assignment below :-

Well before we dig into our first main unit – “Multimedia” we have one other small reading and discussion assignment.  The article that I would like you to read – is  Marc Prensky – ‘Digital Immigrant, Digital Native’, which is an unusual article for me to ask you to read – simply because of how long ago it was written!

All you need to do is read through the short article and then think through and answer the following questions :-

  1. Do you believe you are a digital native? Explain what Prensky believes defines a digital native…
  2. Are all your friends digital natives? If you disagree and believe they all are not – please explain why?
  3. Does the age of the article mean that what Prensky is explaining does not any longer exist?
  4. Do what extent do you agree with Prensky’s argument? Please explain in detail where you agree or disagree…
  5. If you explained this article or asked your parents to read this article – would there point of view be different to yours.

How do I want you to record your answers to the these questions – simple as a comment to this blog post. Note please feel free if other students have commented first to also comment on some of their answers. Remember to use text edit – and then copy your comment to the blog comment box so as not to lose your comment for whatever reason. Looking forward to your thoughts…

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