After about six years of transforming the concept into its product form, Microsoft Surface has now come to be an amazing new interactive product released only last year in 2007, officially becoming the first surface computer on the market. The basic concept behind this product is to turn an ordinary table top into a vibrant, interactive surface that provides effortless access and manipulation to a truly unique digital experience. Also it push forward to a future with no mice, key boards, or buttons in general. A push for technology that’s all hands on, with nothing but interactive screening that can do whatever its programed for

One of the greatest aspects of microsoft surface is its capability to make everything wireless, including transfering music, pictures, video, gps routs or any sort of files from any compact devise such as digital cameras, mobiles, or mp3 players. When you set the devises on the table, the table surface recognizes the digital chip, envelopes the whole devise through sensors, and pops out the files automatically in an interactive visual display that you can flip, rotate, resize, and then drag them into another devises with a simple flick of a rist, and only have to then pick up the devise to take with you. The surface can even sence a credit, or debit card’s information and act in the same sort of way. so when your at restaurant lookin at its digital menu, its person in a group can lay down their card drag what they want to order into whichever card wants to pay for what, and then adjust a percentage bar for tip.

Here are some great videos to get an awsome understanding of what Microsoft Surface really is.

Though as great as this new product may seem, it is obviously not yet available for the average person, costing at around ten-thousand dollars. Though Microsoft expects the prices to drop dramatically within the next 4 to 5 years in becoming affordable to have within a household.

This is the future…a future of Surface computing, which scientists and engineers say will most certainly move on into walls, stores, tvs, remotes into any size shape or form. I highly suggest checking out the vids in the tags I’ve put up as well as checking out microsof surface’s sight mentioned below, in regards to specifics about the technology, such as multi touch capability, use of infared cameras can be seen and explained cleary at…

… which if your curious I would recomend taking a look at. There also many more videos there to check out as well.

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