Jaron Lanier, the author of the book “You Are Not a Gadget” has a very interesting view and stance on the web 2.0 in that he is a very strong critic of it. This is ironic because he is a researcher for Microsoft and is obviously very interested by IT. His reason for disliking the web 2.0 which is basically technological communication and information shared on these sites such as twitter, facebook, and other social media sites as well as sites like wikipedia or He believes that people will lose their creativity by doing it. In the book, Lanier discusses things like the Singularity, and Turing and enigma, and talks a lot about people he knows and their opinions or things they say. With all of these discussions he makes his points on the cloud, the web 2.0, new technologies, technological advancement etc. So far it is a very interesting book and it discusses many significant technologically-related occurrences, thoroughly.

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