Seeing as my dads greatest fear had to do with biotechnology and, mom’s with weapons, I decided to chose an article that dealt with a good compromise, bio-terrorism.  The article starts in with the G8, which is “a powerful economic and political grouping comprising Britain, France, Germany, Russia, the United States, Japan, Italy and Canada”, and what its having to deal with.
With new technologies there come great advancements, but yet also with it come risks of it’s misuse.  Biotechnology is one of which bring s great hope in the medical field, in curing disease as well as extending and improving the quality of life.  How is this being misused?  One big issue is that of terrorists using bio-technology to instead create new harmful diseases, a threat which could endanger millions of lives, especially those of less developed countries.  On top of this concern, results of such issues could restrict the development of this new technology, along with its potential benefits as well.

So what is terrorism?  Terrorism is the use or threat of force or violence against people or property.  Now add in bio and what do you get?  An attack that “releases viruses, bacteria or other germs to cause illness of death.  These bio-weapons are ones wich come from nature.  Though is the technology and misuse of genetic engineering that’s been used to make these diseases more harmful and able to spread more easily.

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