Lyrebird is a website that allows you to create a voice replication of your own voice. They create voice replication by making you read out sentences 30 times and load that into their database to create a voice replication of your own. You would be able to type anything into the program and the voice replication can repeat in a voice similar to your own.

With only 30 recordings of your voice, Lyrebird produces a voice replica similar to that of your own. Even though I felt that it was not accurate enough, my friends heard it and said that they could identify it as my voice. However, voice replication can be improved through the use of more recordings of your voice for the software to improve the likeness of it. Through the use of further recording, I believe that voice replication will be very similar to your own voice but by only using 30 recordings, the voice replica will not fool anyone even though it has some likeness to the voice.

With the use of voice replication, this can affect anything in the world, especially politics. With enough examples of the person of interest speaking, you can exactly replicate his voice. Using this voice replication, a person can use it to make it seem that the person has said something that they did not actually say in real life. For example, someone can replicate a person of a high position voice and can use this to declare war on another nation. With the use of voice replication, you can bring down a person of high power, declare war or stage an uprising.

One of the only positive use of voice replication can be used by people who cannot speak. They can use other people’s voices to communicate with other people.

A solution to the problem of voice replication is to have people study any voice recordings. These people can be trained to analyse voices in videos to see if the use of phrasing or wording is exact to the person and see if there is anything wrong with the sound waves produced with the voice recording.

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