Recently our class had to write an essay on the Marc Prensky article about Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives(click here to read). Digital Immigrants are described as the older generation who did not grow up with the technology we have today while the Digital Natives are described as the new generation as we have grown up with this technology and have discovered its infinite uses.

I personally agree with many of the points that Marc Prensky has put in his article. But, for the essay i had to write from the opposing view point which allowed me to view some of the flaws with his article. For example, I did not like how there are only two categories that assume that everyone has used the technology today while there are some people of my generation who have not had the priveledge to do so. This could fall under the issue of people and machines. I do admire Marc’s intentions of creating new methods of teaching this different generation but i feel somwhat uncomfortable about his method. I for one love games but his idea of teaching with games sounds in a lack of words “lame”, and it seems as if hes selling his so called method as if it was the cure for cancer. After visiting his site, I could see how i could get this impression as his homepage basically states how much of a technologic renaissance man that Marc Prensky is. I can’t help but feel that this Digital Immigrant article, although insightful, is almost an advertisment on his so called “learning games”.

In conclusion, the article is very insightful on the viewpoints of how the different generations function differntly. I maybe harsh with some of my nitpicks with the article but that is for you to decide. Read article

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