Why did you choose ITGS?

I’ve chosen ITGS because I am interested in learning about how Computer works and I believe that it would support me later for when I go to University on Graphic Designs or Digital Art. I also think that in the future, ITGS will be important later on as computers will develop through time.

What scares you about ITGS?

I have little experience with ITGS and I am afraid to not be able to catch up with my classmates.

What intrigues you about ITGS

Coding, Scripting, How Computer and Data works.

Define the term IT System

IT system is the process of a Computer which convert numbers or Data into an information, So that Human can understand. Data is an Input and Information is an Output. Computers will need Storage to work.
Where things are processing are called CPU (Central Process Unit).

From the Top Ten IT systems issues facing the world – choose the one you believe is most important from below – and explain why with examples

New Security Threats is what I think is the most important. Security is what keep people’s information safe. It is important to have a solid security protection.
Examples : Attackers could breach critical systems and services.


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