Answering questions about ITGS and more!

Why did I choose ITGS?

I choose ITGS as one of my IB subjects because :

  • I think technology is one thing that will keep develop more and more in the future. Technology will unlikely to stop developing just to what we have today. So, I think it is useful to have knowledge about technology.
  • I have done ICT as one of by IGCSEs and received great result, so I want to continue study this subject.
  • I wish to study music at university, which doesn’t seems to relate to ITGS at all but there are subject like music technology that I can take as part of the course. So, studying ITGS now will give me opportunity to take interesting courses in the future.


What scares me about ITGS?

The only thing that scares me is there are probably going to be a lot of contents to study and memorise in the next two years.


What intrigues me about ITGS?

Although I’m not a person who know a lot about technology, but I’m interested in learning more about using technology as part of human life to make things easier and to reduce time spent on doing tasks.


Definition of the term IT system?

The term IT system means the system that take in “data” which is unorganised as input then process using “CPU”or Central Processing Unit and come out as “information” which is organised data that can be understand easily.

Most important IT systems issues facing the world?

I think AI and the economy is the most important IT systems issues we are facing today.

AI will effect jobs. Some jobs will not exist anymore or number of workers will reduce. AI can helps to speed up the work as they can work without taking a break. Quality of outcome can also increase because there will be less error when using machines with AI. Manufacturing jobs such as in factories will eventually replace by machines with AI.

For example, in Thailand, quite a large number of people is working in factories and they receive at least minimum wage. Their work is repetitive every single day. This type of works can be replace with AI which is good as people can do other works that are more interesting but at the same time they will lose jobs and it will effect their life!

But some jobs that require creative thinking is much less likely to get replace by AI. AI can do repetitive tasks but they can’t think and come up with something new and interesting! Human will still be the one who can do this task much better.


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