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In this post we are goning to disscuse about ITGS and why I chose it.There will be about Top Ten IT systems issues facing the world and some interesting links to read it in more details.

     Why did you choose ITGS?

To answer to this question I shuld let you know what is actualy ITGS.The name is coming from Infotmation Technolagy for Global Society and that means the all impact of technolagy sorrounding us is ITGS.

Why I actualy choose it becouse nowdays the technolgy is growing up so fast that I think in 10-20 years there will be no human that don’t use it everyday and so it is VERY IMPORTANT to understand the impact of it and use it effectively. We shuld not let technolagy use us.




    What scares you about ITGS?

What scares me I think is the huge amount aspects that you can know about ITGS.The hole world is going to technology and you shuld know as much about it as possible.

   What intrigues you about ITGS?

In this short time I was able to acctualy love this subject(and teacher :D) and what intrugues me is that we will do so much things and learn so much about ITGS.

   IT System

IT system is a system that accepts unstructured data as input, processes and stores it, and then outputs information that people can comprehend.

    Most importat IT systems issues facing the world

Social Media DISINFORMATION the biiigest issues that facing our world nowdays I think becouse now starting from childhood and ending with adults all use social media that can help to get information really fast but there is a bed side of it:disinformation.

For example the Covid-19 just started to spread and in social media started to pop-up some sort of “cures” to covid-19 like eating boilled garlic then started to pop up tome deangerous ones like drinking chlorine dioxide and industrial bleach.So thats why before reading the information check it’s rightness.

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