I believe models  help us in thinking and problem solving  it is a visual summary and helps us visualize all aspects of something,  its also more interesting to use models as there are more pictures and graphics and structure than just reading, take the iceberg model for example it takes us through a step by step process of what is the problem and how we can come up with a solution, it takes us through what happened, then general trends and patterns of the problem locally or globally, what are influencing those patterns and how we can come up with the solution, this model helps us recognise the problem, what could be causing it and seeing if there is a viable solution.

Another example could be the UK subway map, this at first glance could be very complicated and could he a hinderance, for example if english isnt your first language this map could be a struggle to read or if you are colour blind. But other than that this map shows a clear and colour coded map, with labels that show you where you are and how to get to your next location.

Models also help as the newer generation prefer more visual graphics over texts due to their short attention span, so in conclusion I do believe models can be a very huge benefit to use.


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