After interviewing my father on his thought, view and experience with technology, I have learn something that I never knew before. It is interesting to me because I get to know some technology in the past that exist when I wasn’t born yet and it’s what people in my father’s generation used. I also learn about how technology is being used much more in these days where the pandemic is still happening.



This is the first computer my dad used in 1986. (maybe not exactly this model but something very similar to this one)

  • The screen size is around 17 inches.
  • It looks like a television.
  • He used this computer to produce a report and print out by dot matrix printer.

My dad first use the internet more than 20 years ago for some research. His view on technology is that it is a good tool for speed up work and it allows us to search information online much more easily than going to a library which is what people do in the past. In the other hand, he also thinks that technology is expensive and require maintenance.



Nowadays, my dad is working from home. He uses Microsoft programs a lot such as word, excel, powerpoint and outlook. He said that his job requires quite a lot of knowledge on using technology, especially when working from home. (Even though sometimes he still asks me on how to do certain tasks on some software eg. he once asked me about how to use master slides in Microsoft Powerpoint)

The company that my dad is working in is now developing facial recognition technology for scanning employee’s face before entering the building. I think this is very interesting how technology is developing from using smart card for identity to now using biometric!




From my dad’s view, he thinks that technology will develop very fast that he doesn’t think that he can keep up with it. Luckily, his company are providing trainings for employees. He thinks that in the future, the company might get rid of most paper based tasks and only keep necessary one such as some documents that still needs to be sign by hand.

He thinks that security and privacy are the main concerns with technology. Using online platform is good if you use them properly and doesn’t let them cause harm for yourself. I think that he concerns about security and privacy because growing up, he didn’t use these technology and only started using them in his early 20s.

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