Eventually, Apple announced that it will start selling replacement parts.

Apple starts carrying a little bit more about its customers, but still not fully because it will be available for only iPhone 12 and 13 lineups in 2022.

But it is great for us customers and for apple too because it is more of an economic move to attract more customers. Nowadays Apple has a lot of concurrents, so in order to be the first, they made their radical move.


Ifixit they posted this article on tweeter.

This was one of the main issues of apple users concerning hardware since before this announcement the users after damaging some of the parts of their iPhone or Mac they had to buy new ones or try to fix it with some nonpermanent or buggy working replacement parts from other phones or laptops.

So this description is more of a way to attract more customers it is the circular economy that Apple is starting to use and it is surprising that they started to do that so late, every company based on technology is doing the replacing parts and circular economy form the start of their business.

But it is not a decision that apple made to make big progress in their company it’s even maybe going to hurt the company income of so first couple of years.

It actually sounds great for customers but it is still the same thing because you are still going to buy new products after a couple of years using old ones.

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