Facebook’s lost generation

What are the social impacts associated with a particular IT development?
It will be a major problem for facebook because as the new generation grows, people will start to leave facebook and switch to another application that is popular in this generation, for example Instagram. It will be hard for facebook to attract any customers, the features facebook can’t overcome against instagram.

What are the ethical issues associated with a particular
Facebook is hardly being used by anyone in the new generation, mainly because the features it has is not as convenient as other apps. Facebook design isn’t flashy enough and most people are calling Facebook as a place for old people. One of the most important ethical issue is that there is no privacy in Facebook. It will be a target for identity theft and more.

Social/ethical considerations linked to specified IT developments.
Privacy and anonymity is one of the most important issue that facebook is currently facing. Many people who use facebook are not able to completely control their own privacy. 

Scenarios based on real life situation must be used when addressing specified IT developments.
Themes like Health and Home leisure is what facebook lacks. It’s hard to find any interesting pictures or videos around facebook. Also, because our privacy is exposed to the public in facebook, cyberbullying could happen and will have an impact to people’s mental health.

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