The System – James Ball

The Book Called The System is an interesting book written by the author James Ball , which I had been reading during 2 weeks of Christmas holiday. This book is a very interesting and was made for people who are not experts in technology as well. The Author give readers insights in these parts to give us a good understanding about what has happened to the internet in all these years.

This book reflects how the lack of actions from the government made the world we live in today. He gave us an excellent summary of how we got to where we are now. At the start of the chapter he was talking about how things had completely changed after the internet was invented. It was supposed to be something of a revolution but it was not like that in reality.

James Ball made us realize how much power the internet has that can control everything of you. He also told us that there are ways to build a better internet which is in the book. I totally agree with him but I think the amount of power the internet can control you is also the amount of power we can control the internet. It depends on the person whether he’s going to use it for good or for bad.


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