As a child, I was curious about hackers at all and this cyber-everything, and every time I was faced with something about our cyberlife eg. about some hackers my curiosity was taking over me and it was made me read it like I was falling in love from the first sight. So that’s why I saw the name sandworm I thought that’s it! That’s my book!

The Sandworm Team, also known as Unit 74455, is allegedly a Russian cybermilitary unit of the GRU, the organization in charge of Russian military intelligence. Other names, given by cybersecurity researchers, include Telebots, Voodoo Bear, and Iron Viking.

A little bit about this book 

  • The novel will focus on Sandworm, a Russian group of hackers, and use investigation of them to discuss modern cyber warfare.
  • The 2009 Stuxnet worm which attacked Iranian centrifuges was the first great example of the ability of cyber attacks to affect the physical world.
  • NotPetya, unleashed by Sandworm in 2017, had worldwide effects but its epicentre was Ukraine, in which the first ever cyber-induced blackouts occurred.

Part I: Emergence

“Use the first moments in study. You may miss many an opportunity for quick victory in this way, but the moments of study are insurance for success. Take your time and be sure.”

This is the plot of the first part of this book and I really agree with it because it gives us the main idea of being human that is not wasting the opportunity –  time and the idea of working smarter not harder 🙂 .I really like that and trying to live so.

1: The Zero-Day

  • An American cyber security firm called iSIGHT received news from their Ukrainian branch that they may have discovered a zero day vulnerability in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • The expert hackers in that company’s ‘black room’ spent a day testing, reporting and creating a proof of concept.
  • Despite confirming that this was indeed a rare zero day vulnerability in a near ubiquitous piece of software, they had not yet grasped its significance.

This was the first part of the book and it was a little story about that new company iSight which was working on big companies and trying to find some viruses or like this one the zero days. I liked this story it was interesting and some of the part connected with the black room it was very interesting. The background story was very interesting about cyberwar I like it.

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