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I am going to tell you about how is going my further reading of Sandworm.

The next chapters  it is telling you more about what happened in the company named iSIGHT which is having a conversation with company named Trend Micro about its malware.

They were scared of their security and the goals of iSIGHT which were not only to target the digital world but to affect on real world too.

Then they found out that they got the attention of department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency that was looking for sandworm.

Acutely they managed to shut down the one of the servers so it was offline for 1 year.


To summarize this is starting to dive deeper in the cyber security.

After all of that we can read more about Yasinske’s life and more about his time spend in the company StarLightMedia.

Then the call which is informing him that servers was offline and what was weird there that the servers went offline at the same moment.

Some analysy of the attack is sowing that there was cyber attack which includes some malwares.

Later they understood that Ukraine having the same reports and it was kind of a context of cyber war.


SANDWORM – Andy Greenberg

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