As i am nearing the end of the book, The Pirate’s Game, i have come to realize many things about pirates and the problems they face. We all can see that pirates , truly, have shaped our society. Various trends, remixes, and acts of piracy force firms to compete with pirate. since pirates are only interested in efficient free new ways to do things and firms and large media corporations are only interested in money, the clash of the two produces new revolutionary products and ways of doing things. In popular music we can see many pirated growths. Take Jazz, for example. Jazz branches off into very many different sub-genres, including Bebop, Blues, Smooth Jazz, and Funk. How exactly did music evolve like this? Piracy. Remixing Jazz and adding original and creative ideas to it has shaped it into the modern rock, metal, and rap music we listen to today. It’s down to two options, the pirate’s dilemma is choosing one of these, your either with the pirates or your against them. Opposing the pirates costs money and slows technological development. But standing by the pirates advances technology and changes the world.


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