A recent story in the news has been associated with Google Maps. A roofer named Tom Berge scouted for and stole half-inch lead tiles using satellite images on Google Maps. Lead tiles appear darker than others; Berge and his accomplices used this knowledge to make off with an estimated £100,000.

Google Maps has had some controversial stories associated to it like the recent StreetView infringing on Privacy Rights. The technology is unquestionably useful for innocent tasks like mapping itineraries or finding nearby places of interest. But it also enables more cynical tasks like locating and stealing valuable building materials or viewing private roads.

Is Google really evil or are criminal users inflicting that reputation?

Is Google simply irresponsible by providing technology for criminals to perform these tasks?

Source: http://www.t3.com/news/lead-thief-used-google-maps-to-find-victimxs?=38386

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