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‘hanging out the dirty linen’ to delve into the ethics of IT’s role in society.

Sandworm some reading summary

Hi there   I am going to tell you about how is going my further reading of Sandworm. The next chapters  it is telling you more about what happened in the company named iSIGHT which is having a conversation with company named Trend Micro about its malware. They were scared of their security and the […]

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Anonymous: the hacker collective that has declared cyberwar on Russia | Ukraine | The Guardian “Cyber conflicts are fought in the shadows, but in the case of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it is a group that calls itself Anonymous that has made the most public declaration of war. Late on Thursday the hacker collective tweeted […]

The System – Aren (Part 2)

In the System, the book is filled with the history of the internet seen from the perspective of its inventors, investors and rebels. James Ball explains about the computer and the progress of each inventors. He elaborated where its levers of power are and how can they be moved. He gives a lot of explanation […]

Book Review : Remix (Part 2)

In the last blogpost, I’ve talked about the first part of the book which was all about cultures, RO and RW. Just a little recap : RO culture is when you only consume ie. listen to music, read music scores RW culture is when you contribute or do something with the creative works. ie. re-creating […]

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Forget state surveillance. Our tracking devices are now doing the same job | John Naughton | The Guardian “But in internet time 2009 was aeons ago. Now, intensive surveillance is available to anyone. And you don’t have to be a tech wizard to do it. In mid-January this year, Kashmir Hill, a talented American tech […]

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That broken tech/content culture cycle “That broken tech/content culture cycle” Tags: ITGS, technology, business and employment, content, creativity, user – By dr tech What Is the Metaverse? A Beginner’s Guide to Tech’s Latest Obsession “To conclude: this is all a long-winded way of saying the metaverse is the internet. But spatial. And built with game […]

Ownership and Technology

Youtube Talkie – Neo

ITGS Online (weekly)

How the growing Russian ransomware threat is costing companies dear | Cybercrime | The Guardian “The January snow lay thick on the Moscow ground, as masked officers of the FSB – Russia’s fearsome security agency – prepared to smash down the doors at one of 25 addresses they would raid that day. Their target was […]


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