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‘hanging out the dirty linen’ to delve into the ethics of IT’s role in society.

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Expert System in AI: What is, Applications & Example Tags: ITGS Cyber-attack forces shutdown of one of the US’s largest pipelines | Cybercrime | The Guardian “In a statement, the company said: “Colonial Pipeline is taking steps to understand and resolve this issue. At this time, our primary focus is the safe and efficient restoration […]

Do gen’ethics’ exist?

Applied Ethics is the study of concrete situations which can also be hypothetical, in light of more abstract ethical theorizing, in simpler terms, how to decide whether a particular action is right or wrong. Well, we all can agree that artificial intelligence and technology have exponentially grown over the years, but the only thing stopping […]

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Your Car Is Spying on You. A CBP Contract Shows the Risks. “U.S. CUSTOMS AND BORDER PROTECTION purchased technology that vacuums up reams of personal information stored inside cars, according to a federal contract reviewed by The Intercept, illustrating the serious risks in connecting your vehicle and your smartphone.” Tags: ITGS, surveillance, privacy and anonymity, car, […]

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yes, all models are wrong “According to Derek & Laura Cabrera, “wicked problems result from the mismatch between how real-world systems work and how we think they work”. With systems thinking, there is constant testing and feedback between the real world, in all its complexity, and our mental model of it. This openness to test […]

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Meet Einstein Chatbot… Tags: ITGS, ai, chatbot, people and machines, einstein – By dr tech Facebook and fear in Manila: Maria Ressa’s fight for facts | Maria Ressa | The Guardian “There, a Facebook-fuelled tsunami of lies had assisted an authoritarian into power. And she had seen where that had led: to opponents of the […]

World’s Right to the World Wide Web

Internet is in the name it interconnects different people from different corners of the world to produce or acquire knowledge about a certain issue or topic. Is the internet a bare necessity? I want to say yes, but looking around today, we have managed to overuse, exploit and exhaust most of the bare necessities. It […]

Is the Internet a human right?

Most would say yes, but it’s important to understand how we’ve come to that conclusion and what we take for granted with internet access. What is the internet?  The internet is a global network of devices connected to each other using network protocols. These days, we rely on the internet for everything. Most students require […]

It’s more than likely that you’re currently reading this blog post online, on a computer or phone, hopefully sitting comfortably. It’s also more than likely that this isn’t your first time on your device today- sometimes I don’t realise just how much we use devices to do everything: texting people, having video calls or research. […]

The Internet has grown drastically over the past few years and most of us wouldn’t know what to do now without it. I have grown in a world where technology is used every day and where we are surrounded by it. Both my parents are quite tech-savvy and technology was used often at home but […]

ITGS Online (weekly)

Apple and Google block NHS Covid app update over privacy breaches | Coronavirus | The Guardian “Ministers have paused a planned update to the NHS Covid-19 app after Apple and Google blocked it from their stores over privacy violations. The app, which aids contact tracing in England and Wales, uses technology built by the Silicon […]

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