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Well what a great first debate on the interesting article Why Privacy Matters even if You have Nothing to Hide. I think we can all agree that the outcome and winners of the argument were those for the fact that privacy is highly important to us  even if we have nothing to hide – and […] This article is related to the social ethical issue which is privacy. The problem arising from this issue is users can access other users personal information which they uploaded to the website just by changing their usernames. This also brings up privacy and anonymity issues too because other users can access other users without […]

We are starting our software unit today and will be looking at some basic productivity applications and seeing how they have had an effect on Business and Employment in the last twenty years. We will be running a debate in a week or so regarding DTP but to begin with another small practical challenge 🙂 […]

I’m sure everyone on this blog is familiar with the recent release of a new web browser from Google in celebration of their 10th anniversary named Google Chrome. This browser has many similar characteristics to that of the Mozilla Firefox web browser but is noticeably faster due to its cleverly rewritten Javascript coding allowing it […]