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‘hanging out the dirty linen’ to delve into the ethics of IT’s role in society.

@dontpetthesheep yep that makes sense – just make sure that your brain is functioning however and you don't throw out the new ones :)~ in reply to dontpetthesheep # Portsmouth enter administration :(~ # @dontpetthesheep nope – in some ways – generally HL will have a long answer question based solely on the extra […]

@dontpetthesheep -LOL -just think about the properties of Kevlar, and the reasons you would use a 2nd Class Lever – so MUCH FUN! in reply to dontpetthesheep # @dontpetthesheep what is Roger Williams – sounds like a country and western singer to me? in reply to dontpetthesheep # @dontpetthesheep hmmm tricky choice huh – a […]

@snapperkiller LOL – but only blended a generation 1 – think he is a mac fanboy in disguise! in reply to snapperkiller # @snapperkiller think of your favourite fish – and remember you will be back on a boat catching it very soon :)~ in reply to snapperkiller # @dontpetthesheep did not see it but […]

Just set up my twitter backup with – Backup your online accounts for free if you signup by Jan 31st # @TH3N3WG33K lol -but of course you know DT is most important ;)~ and where were you afterschool -tsk tsk -your pregnant hippo was not happy! in reply to TH3N3WG33K # @dontpetthesheep they did […]

@snapperkiller the consequences that happen from the social issues that are brought up through using Technology? in reply to snapperkiller # @snapperkiller hmm makes sense better more flexible and can do many different non western based characters… in reply to snapperkiller # Powered by Twitter Tools

@dontpetthesheep very nice – I am sure you will use your design skills to come up with something revolutionary but sustainable – lol in reply to dontpetthesheep # Backupify :: Secure Online Backup and Archiving for Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress via # Folks Backupify is free until January 31st so rush now […]

@Nabsuh aaah yes the positives probably outweigh the negatives if handled correctly… in reply to Nabsuh # @dontpetthesheep until then check your Portfolio extension just finished marking it… in reply to dontpetthesheep # @dontpetthesheep soon… in reply to dontpetthesheep # @snapperkiller What are the Goff questions? in reply to snapperkiller # @snapperkiller perfecto! in reply […]

@TH3N3WG33K aahhhh won't it be good to be back – and I am sure see your shared Portfolio Extension on GDOC? in reply to TH3N3WG33K # @dontpetthesheep wakey wakey rise and shine – there is a DT project to complete :)~ in reply to dontpetthesheep # @Nabsuh – if you have no faith in the […] …. Just finished LITTLE BROTHER and it is a must read for all you ITGSers! # @dontpetthesheep off to th imax myself for the same -expecting major disappointment and that Avatar sucks big time. in reply to dontpetthesheep # @dontpetthesheep yes u r the winner of a perky prize…guerilla QR code operation to come […]

@snapperkiller about time – it is almost as bad as my automated blog post tweets :)~ in reply to snapperkiller # @snapperkiller oops – organisation is the key to life… in reply to snapperkiller # @Nabsuh – was it a little too easy? in reply to Nabsuh # Support STOP! Digital Economy Bill, add a […]

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