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During the final section of “You Are Not A Gadget”, Lanier starts talking about neoteny and uses this as a metaphor for computer growth. Neoteny is when some childlike or juvenile features are still present in adult animals. As time goes by, people are making changes more slowly in a way. We grow up at […]

So far, Lanier has explained to us what might be of us as technology grows and the impacts that this fast-growing technology is having on us. During the second part of his manifesto, Lanier goes into the value that certain things on the Internet had, have, and will have. Lanier talks about the social impact […]

You Are Not A Gadget – For Now

  At the beginning of “You Are Not a Gadget”, Jaron Lanier starts by making a very clear statement regarding technology and people. Every media and technology affects each of us differently, as Lanier says a person is not a pat formula, but a quest, a mystery, a leap of faith. If we knew the […]