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Researchers at NIST and the University of Innsbruck have, for the first time, teleported an atom from one place to another. Previously, only particles of light had been teleported. What does this mean for computers though? Well, with the instant transfer of states of atoms comes the instant transfer of data, 0s and 1s. This means […]

Researchers are currently developing new ways to stimulate and speed up learning within children. With a witty analogy to the movie Brainstorm, Mike Adams, over at naturalnews discusses Superlearning and augmented reality and how it can speed up learning in children and adults alike. The article discusses how humans learn, not through repetition, but by […]

As i am nearing the end of the book, The Pirate’s Game, i have come to realize many things about pirates and the problems they face. We all can see that pirates , truly, have shaped our society. Various trends, remixes, and acts of piracy force firms to compete with pirate. since pirates are only […]

The Pirate’s Game

Pirates are faced with many challenges. mainly the law and mainstream society. However mainstream society and even countries that create these laws would not be as efficient or developed as they are now without piracy. In The Pirate’s Dilemma one of the main forms of piracy is remixing, the art of building on original existing […]

The Pirate’s Dilemma

In the book, The Pirate’s Dilemma, Matt Mason opens my eyes to the reality of piracy and how dependant society and the industry is upon piracy. Piracy, over the years, has helped distribute and develope technology. From pirate DJs started the first radio station ever to people who take pictures of artwork, this book leaves […]

P4P is the new kid on the filesharing block. P4P is a new technology that will make filesharing applications that makes torrenting and peer to peer transfering alot cheaper and faster. But is this neccissarily a good thing? P4P is basically an improved version of P2P. P4P works just liek P2P except it focuses on […]