A recent article by BBC News states that the Chinese government is still firm in their choices of Internet censorship. While most countries keep blocked websites to a minumum, China is known for being ruthless in what the public can and cannot see online. Examples include social networking sites such as Facebook for allowing free communication to outside countries and Flash-hosting sites such as Newgrounds for showing violent content. As an April Fool’s joke, Newgrounds showed what they would have to do to comply with Chinese regulations to un-censor them. All movies and games for mature audiences were blocked, along with the forums which also included word filters for pre-existing posts (e.g. ‘game’ would become ‘physical exercise’). Additionally, searches in Google Images for events such as the Tiananmen Square Protest show very different results inside and outside of China.

The following are notes made within an ITGS triangle…

News Event

China continues to defend their rights of Internet censorship


• Chinese government

• Chinese Internet users

• Censored websites

Social and Ethical Aspects

• Restricts access to the public

• Blocks access to hateful, discriminating or untruthful websites

• Rules controlled by officials within the government

• Censorship controlled by the same officials

• Rules are not specific and “lies” could be the truth

• Hides major Chinese events such as the 1989 Tiananmen protests

• Places rules and regulations for uncensored websites

• May force proxy server use

IT Systems in a Social Context

• The Internet

• Firewalls

• Connectivity

• Proxy servers

Specific Areas of Impact

• Censorship

• Propaganda

• Regulation



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